Custom Design

If you have built a new home before, you will likely want to have a greater control over the design …this time. You know you like and do not like. You know more what is possible and practical. And you want a design created just for you that your dreams.


How to get the perfect design

Designing your new home can be a bit of a trial. You draw out dozens and dozens of floor plans, think about them, wonder what it will look like and whether it will work – and then you tear them up in frustration and then start again.


Architect or building designer, what is the difference?

One of the most common questions that we hear as building designers is “What is the difference between you guys and architects?” …and the answer is one that I will borrow from the Building Designers Association brochure – just because I want to get it exactly right.


FIVE Reasons to use us for your house design

Designing your new house is a process which it is best to understand fully – right from the start. It is almost mandatory for you and your partner to be aware of the building process, the ability to work
within a budget and much more. Here’s 5 of the most important reasons for us to help you.


6 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Block of Land

To build your Townsville dream home choosing the right block is critical… Townsville has a wide range of land types available. There are now quite a few “housing estates” where your new home will among other new homes. There are “acreages” where you will enjoy your extra space.


House Plans Townsville

Getting great house plans is the most important step you must complete when building your new home. If you get them right, everything flows calmly through the building process – and you end up with your amazing dream home.

Who Uses Building Designers, and not Architects?

Well, according to the BDAQ brochure, about 80% of residential and 40% of commercial and industrial are designed by…. Building Designers… think about that. C&B will design homes, duplexes, residential units, office buildings, warehouses, factories, town houses, in fact – anything that is a “building” and needs “design.”


We have been awarded with many Design Awards

At C&B Designs over the many years of service to our communities we have received much recognition for the high quality building design work that we have created. Year after year the judging panels recognise our excellent contribution to the industry covering all aspects of building design.


We look forward to meeting you, and helping you design the new home of your dreams!


Free Home Design/Project Ideas Consultation Meeting


The best way to discover exactly HOW we do what we do is to call now and arrange an ideas consultation meeting with C&B Designs. This is a free meeting that allows you to share your ideas and design requirements, and gives you a clear understanding of why we are so highly rated by our clients! Our clients tell us that quite often there is more progress made in this meeting – because the use of interactive design software and our full attention – than had previously been made in the many months before.


Who we are

We’re a local company, borne out of the design partnership of Clinton Elton & Ben Milbourne which emerged on 6 March 2000. In the early days we ran our small business out of a home office, gradually building design credibility.


What we do

We are a progressive, innovative and passionate building design firm. A one stop shop for your project needs, we will project manage the design and documentation of your entire project with a focus on the finer details of the building process.



Don't just take our word for it. Read through real testimonials from clients we have dealt with on past projects. We aim to deliver a strong customer service experience to all clientele and ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently.


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